Welcome to the new site.

Welcome to my new website. I’m still moving in and polishing up the theme customization, but so far I’m really enjoying using Hexo. It’s my first time mastering a static site generator instead of a dynamic blog platform. It may seem odd to manage a small blog/profile type website with such a tool. Why not use Wordpress or another CMS? Why not use an online website tool?

Over the years this domain has been hosted by at least a dozen different web hosting services, serving either static files or a dynamic site with either Wordpress or Drupal. Over that time I learned that one, I don’t like web hosts, and two, my personal site isn’t big enough for a database. On hosting, it simply that servers are a pain. Like not a huge thing, but for something a simple as a homepage I think the maintenance schedule and billing cycle should be closer to “neverly” than monthly or yearly.

When it comes to the scope of the site, I just don’t think my namesake should need the thousands of lines of code and additional Watts required for a dynamic site to stay operational. Let’s face it, nobody is calling me for speaking gigs or book signings anytime soon. I will not need the fan club forum plugin. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized I don’t care much for comment sections either. It’s always refreshing browsing websites that hide them by default or link to another page for discussion.

The case against website builders is even easier. I have yet to see one survive for more than ten years under the same management while maintaining some essence of modernity. Also, the code quality, performance, and privacy terms are generally terrible. No, I’d prefer to handle the code myself thank you.

With all that in mind I think a generator with an S3 bucket is the perfect technology fit for this purpose. Note that while comments may be off, I still enjoy replying to emails, from anyone, about anything. Always feel free to contact me with the email link below.